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Entel Marketing was founded in 2013 with one simple goal in mind: to help our clients reach their full marketing potential. Entel Marketing is a company that finds new clientele for customers through various marketing strategies. Each year we deliver over 70,000 new customers to our clients. With over 200 sales agents in 13 states, we can meet any of your marketing needs.

Sales Campaign Initiatives

We scale our campaign initiatives to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a small staff of 5
or a larger team of 100 plus, we can rapidly deploy our teams in our operating states.

Experience & Reliability

To meet our clients’ goals and deadlines, we recruit, train, staff, and manage the right team for every project. We've never missed a launch.

Maximum Results

We get results because we have the experience to know what works best in any campaign initiative.
Our strategies deliver a better return on investment for clients.

Our team Who Drive Our Business and Yours

Teamwork is the foundation of our training program, where we teach team members to work with each other and most importantly, consumers. To guarantee the best team, we recruit, train, and deploy people who meet the exact needs of our clients’ businesses. Our blended learning environment inspires team members to be flexible, engaging, and adept at solving problems.


Career Growth
Performance Rewards
Fun Workplace

Head start your career with Entel Marketing

What Will You Achieve With Our Help?

We recruit passionate people who are driven to succeed, and equip them with the tools and experience to do just that. In return, our representatives benefit from a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment, career growth opportunities, greater personal development, rewards for top performers, a fun and energetic workplace and the chance to explore multiple career paths with some of the world’s most well-known brands.

We believe that the success and happiness of our representatives makes us stronger.

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“We see results because we have the experience to know what works best in any campaign initiative.”